Vegetated roofs with large slopes require special engineering to hold the soil medium and plants from sliding off the roof.  Here’s one system that allows for installation of sloping roofs:

Features of Garden Roof® Assembly for Sloped Applications:

  • Depth (3.5” - 13” of growing media)
  • Visibility can be an architectural design feature
  • Suitable for convex, concave and other complex slopes
  • Accomodates up to 12:12 pitch (45º)
  • Beyond 3:12 requires special engineering
  • Vegetation options - plugs with GardMat® or InstaGreen® Sedum Carpet or InstaGreen® Sedum Tile or lawn sod
  • Requires maintenance depending on vegetation selection


Made from wood and an undulating green roof, a public housing project resembles a modern shire. Read more


LIFT in Portland, Oregon - Dis-section (DAMD)

“Lift” is a modular and re-deployable seating environment that creates
a zone of relaxation and protection through the “virtual” bending of a
grass-filled plane. As the center of the grass plane is bent upward from
a horizontal to vertical position, the interstitial space between “grounds”
transforms into a seating environment while the bending surface
becomes railing, seating, anchoring and enclosure. Like the outer
covers of your bed, the outer surface creates warmth in an otherwise
materially cold environment.

Undulating plantings in this pocket park make it a city favorite.

How to build a green roof. Construction of green roof in Big Sur California

  1. Architectural Construction
  2. Waterproofing Membrane
  3. Root Barrier Plastic Sheeting
  4. Rigid Roof Insulation
  5. Drainage Mat
  6. Filter Fabric / Water Retention Cups
  7. Engineered media (soil) specific to plant type and location for low profile roof vegetation
  8. Vegetation

Green Roof design by Habitat Gardens, Pacific Grove Ca and Fred Ballerini Horticulture. Building this green roof sparked the Verde Veil concept pages :)